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Our mission is to transform how America treats chronic arthritic joint pain

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Our three step AROmotion process is designed to treat common joint conditions, including bone-on-bone.

Stop the Pain

Our X-Ray guided needle procedure provides immediate relief to arthritic pain

Promote Healing

Our Orthobiologics heal the damaged cartilage providing long lasting pain relief


Our reconditioning program strengthens the essential muscles and ligaments

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The AROmotion Patient Journey

Diagnosed "Bone-on-Bone" Now What?

Cut out your pain, Not your joint!

Most "bone-on-bone" patients are recommended knee replacement surgery. Chronic pain is the most common reason for joint replacement surgery.  

However, if a patient can still walk without a walker, their knee is often mechanically intact.

Don't give up on the natural joint without a second opinion. We do more than just treat knee pain with injections and braces-far more!

AROmotion treats bone-on-bone on a daily basis without replacement. Please request more information or give us a call. We are always happy to answer any questions!